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My Medical Access (MMA) is a Management Services Organization (MSO) created in 2011 in response to the changing landscape of medical practice for the solo physicians. Patient care is shifting from traditional fee for service to a managed care model that aims to provide quality-based incentive for outpatient practice. Medical homes are on the rise and favored by health insurance companies. These changes have put an additional burden of administrative cost to the solo provider and a risk of being bought by hospitals.


The vision of the MSO is to create a close working alliance among physicians without forcing them to relinquish the autonomy they so strongly value. It's collaborative and integrated yet flexible and functional. The goal of MMA is providing assistance and guidance without interference of the physician's way of practicing medicine.

Core MSO features:

So what makes an MSO an MSO? All MSO's position themselves between payers and providers proving business management and information systems infrastructure physicians need to negotiate with health plans and successfully administer managed care contracts. MSO takes on many functions currently being performed by health plans such as physician credentialing, utilization review, quality assurance and administering capitation.

MMA stands out:

We are inviting physicians with similar visions to join the MSO. Sharing in the overhead of consolidated services, for human resources, billing , and EMR infrastructure and support; a more cost effective approach for everyone. The transparency of the operation and lack of upfront investment adds to the appeal of My Medical Access. Please send an email if interested or have more questions to :

Keep your future in your hands. Join My Medical Access.

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